SOM Oroville

We are a unique school of ministry where students are challenged to impact their own lives by changing the world around them.

Our mission is to inspire students into deeper intimacy with God through equipping them with the knowledge of who they are, and who God is, and a direction for their life by actively giving their time, energy and resources to change the world around them.

SOM Oroville is a six month teaching and equipping school geared toward individuals who desire to go deeper in their relationship with the living God and who understand the love He possesses for them. These things are accomplished by delving into community, worship, times of reflection and impacting teaching. Students are also expected to attend all church services and will have various weekend commitments. School hours are Monday – Friday 8am – 12pm. Intake for Catch the Fire School of Ministry Oroville is every March and September.


Our goal is for students to have an experience with God that shifts their perspective of their circumstance to the reality of the Kingdom of God.

We want our students to have a defined relationship with Jesus to where Christianity is not just something they do but becomes who they are and their behavior begins to reflect the relationship they have with Jesus. This generation needs the reality of God to be demonstrated and we are the ones to demonstrate it.