Catch the Fire School of Ministry Oroville is a ministry of The Father’s House Church, a charitable organization. However, because the state or federal government does not recognize Catch the Fire School of Ministry Oroville as an educational institution, tuition is not tax deductible. All fees paid to Catch the Fire School of Ministry Oroville are paid in return for goods and services, the fees do not count as charitable donations. All tuition fees include food and accommodation. Outreach opportunities are not included in the tuition fees. All pricing is in United States Dollars. Catch the Fire School of Ministry Oroville will be $700USD a month for all students wanting to live on campus. Off campus tuition is $400USD a month and does not include meals.


As part of tuition, room and board is provided to all students. Student will be housed in on-campus housing. There are multiple houses within a block radius where students will be located. All housing is gender specific and separated accordingly. Students will also receive two meals (lunch and dinner) daily, five days a week. All meals are served out of the The Fathers House Church kitchen. Meals are a campus wide event and students are highly encouraged to attend; however, meals are not mandatory. Students also have access to a weekly stocked food pantry.