• Salvation– In this very basic module students will begin to understand who Jesus is and what He accomplished through dying on the cross. Not only will this  module go in depth about the truth of salvation, students will also be  encouraged to adapt the teaching to how His sacrifice applies to them personally.
  • Inner Healing – Students will be instructed on the importance of healing life’s hurts through: confession, repentance and forgiveness. Students will be led through this process with one-on-one and group ministry. At Catch the Fire School of Ministry Oroville we have a high regard for inner healing as a core value and a necessary step in furthering our relationship with God. Forgiveness is a cornerstone in any Christian’s life.
  • Love – Every human has an innate need for intimacy, which is traced back to the very heart of God. At Catch the Fire School of Ministry Oroville students will learn that God desires us to experience Him in deep, intimate ways and what it means to be adopted into God’s family as a son or daughter.
  • Led By The Spirit – In this module students learn what it means to be filled with the Holy Spirit and the importance of following Holy Spirits prompting. Students learn about the gifts of the spirit and then practically put them to use.
  • Vision Casting – In this module instructors present students with the importance of setting goals and establishing vision for the future. Students are also given tools on how to complete their task and attain longevity in ministry. As a part of vision casting, students take personality assessment tests to better understand who they are and their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Importance of Service/Give your life away – In this final module students will engage  in learning why Jesus calls us to serve and work in the kingdom. Our motivation for working is because we are adopted as a son or daughter of God, we do not work to become adopted. We serve joyously because Jesus did the same. In the end, we will be judged by what we did or did not do with what God gave us.


Every morning begins with a time of teaching and ministry. Each evening students participate in various ministry events or enjoy free time. Every student is required to attend all TFHC services, which include Sunday morning worship and Wednesday night Bible study. School hours are Monday-Friday 8am-12pm. Intake for Catch the Fire School of Ministry Oroville is every March and September. Students are encouraged to become involved with worship services and church events.