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Our mission is to invite you to be a part of a family that acts on
the words of jesus, resulting in
a freedom that causes you to become who He created you to be.

Connect With Us!

Ages 12-18

Youth Group

Join us on Fridays from 3:30-5:00 PM!

Ages 18-39

20s/30s Group

Join us for our monthly event!

Ages 40+

Greatest Decades

Join us on the fourth Friday of the month for a potluck at Pastors Steve & Vicki Orsillo's House.


Feel Him. Hear Him. See Him. Know Him.



Steve & Vicki Orsillo


The Father's House was founded in 1997 when Steve and Vicki Orsillo were called to leave their thriving Sacramento construction business and bring their young family to the last place they had considered settling in—Oroville, California. At the time, Southside was an infamously dark area known for high levels of poverty and drug and alcohol abuse. Seeking God to find out what spiritual power had bound the city, Steve heard "selfishness". Determined to come in the opposite spirit, selflessness, the Father's House began a 20-year journey of community transformation.

The vision of the Father's House Church is to bring light to Oroville, to make it impossible to get to hell from Oroville.

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Check out the
Uncommon Truth Podcast
featuring Steve and Vicki Orsillo!

How we do community

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