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Stuck at home during this uncertain season? Why not use the time to improve your Bible knowledge!


This foundational Bible study was written to help both beginners and seasoned Christians consider some of those challenging questions we rarely think about and to explore what it means to be a true disciple of Jesus.

Each section contains a short devotional, followed by Bible passages to read and 15-20 questions to answer.

Topics covered:

1A: Sin and Justice: Why can't God simply forgive sin?

1B: Law and Righteousness: Can people be successful in following God's Law?

1C: The Promised Messiah: What does the Old Testament say about Jesus?

2A: Who was Jesus? What does the Bible say about Jesus' identity?

2B: Jesus and Salvation: Why was Jesus' death so powerful?

2C: What Happened Next? How did Jesus' disciples respond after Jesus went back to the Father?

3A: Repentance and Forgiveness: What does it take to accept Jesus' New Covenant?

3B: Faith and Obedience: What does it mean, in practice, to have faith in Jesus?

3C: The Old has Gone, the New is Here: What does being "born again" really look like?

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