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Are you going through a crisis that has caused you to question everything?

If so, you're not alone. 

Over the past three years, pastors at the Father's House have experienced everything from losing a child to leukemia to being diagnosed with stage four cancer to losing a house in a forest fire.

The messages below represent part of our journey to find faith in the midst of pain and disaster. We hope that our stories can bring comfort to other people experiencing crisis.

If you are struggling, why not come and struggle alongside us? The Father's House is a loving community of people pursuing Jesus through good times and tough times. We would love to get to know you. 


Faith Refined | Sunday, February 2, 2020

Pastor Geordie Mumby, speaking while battling stage 4 cancer.

Do you ever feel like Jesus has sent you out in a boat into a storm in the middle of nowhere and you don’t understand why? Geordie shares his perspective on allowing crisis to refine your faith.

What is Faith? | Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Pastor Nicole Wallace, speaking after the death of her daughter.

What does it mean to have faith in God in the midst of devastating trails? Nicole shares part of her faith journey over the last three years and what she has discovered in the depths of anguish and joy.

Healing Looks Like... | Sunday, October 29, 2019

Pastor Steve Orsillo, speaking after the death of his granddaughter

Is out faith in God an expectation that he will give us exactly what we want? Or do we trust him to know what's best for us and take care of us as a Father? Steve shares how to trust God, regardless of what we're going through, and to accept God's definition of healing.

Living Hope | Sunday, July 11, 2019

Pastor Geordie Mumby, speaking while undergoing chemotherapy.

Do you truly know whom Jesus has called you to be? if so, then you have been invited into a real and living hope. Geordie shares how having a heavenly perspective on life causes us to have hope despite our circumstances. 

Is God Your Father? | Sunday, March 21, 2019

Pastor Steve Orsillo, speaking after his granddaughter's cancer returned.

When the storms of life come and fear surrounds us, how do we overcome? Steve shares how allowing God to be our Father in Heaven causes us to look back and see the goodness of God even in our trouble.




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