We have a very specific message at the Father’s House. It can be summed up in one word: Jesus. We believe Jesus Himself is perfect theology. He is the perfect Son to the perfect Father. We believe a Christian should be a ‘mini Christ’: someone who takes Jesus’ teaching seriously, not just in word but in action. 

Jesus’ words challenge us to the core. They teach us to give sacrificially, to forgive unreservedly, to submit and follow even when it’s tough. Just as Jesus laid his life down out of love for us, we too are learning to give our lives away for the sake of those around us. As we put Jesus’ words into practice and imitate the way he lived, the Holy Spirit empowers us to become more and more like him.

We've distilled our message into ten main themes, which you can scroll through below.

Video Sermons



seminar series


In this series, we hope to inspire leaders in raising up a new generation of sons and daughters through the case study of the Father's House right here in Oroville, California.


We share stories, insights, lessons learned and practical blueprints developed over the past 20 years in the trenches leading broken people. We describe the ongoing transformation of Oroville, share testimonies from former addicts who are now pastoral and marketplace leaders, discuss the challenges presented by millennial culture, and demonstrate how a small inner-city church can support a team of 50 staff, interns and students in their 20s, 30s and early 40s in full-time ministry.

episode 1: our story

In this seminar we cover the birth and growth of the Father's House Church in Northern California, its powerful impact on the ghetto-like community of Southside, Oroville and the stories of the formerly broken people who have become sons and daughters leading the ministry.

episode 2: fathering

In this seminar we cover the theory and ideas behind the Orsillos' incredible success in raising up broken young people to become successful Christian leaders and marketplace ministers.

episode 3: the nuts & bolts

In this seminar we lay out the practical elements that make the Father's House leadership training model a success, including the Internship Program, Recovery Program, non-profit business model and the fundamentals of building a strong team.

episode 4: millennials

In this seminar we focus on the challenges and barriers faced specifically by the younger generation in leadership. We hear perspectives from Father's House leaders in their 20s and from those involved in mentoring and pastoring young leaders.

The Fathers House Church, 2656 Fort Wayne St, Oroville CA 95966

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