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The Father's House was founded in 1997 when Steve and Vicki Orsillo were called to leave their thriving Sacramento construction business and bring their young family to the last place they had considered settling in––  Oroville, California. At the time, “Southside” was an infamously dark area known for high levels of poverty and drug and alcohol abuse. Seeking God to find out what spiritual power had bound the city, Steve heard 'selfishness'. Determined to come in the opposite spirit, selflessness, the Father's House began a 20-year journey of community transformation.

The first order of business was to begin to clean up Southside’s streets. Using Steve’s dump truck and with the help of the county, they removed over 300,000 pounds of garbage and nearly 200 abandoned cars from streets and alleyways. The sidewalks were finally clear of huge piles of garbage. At the same time, Steve used his construction business to remodel around 50 burnt out and run-down houses in the local area. The Father's House began to reclaim garbage-filled drug houses and turn them into beautiful apartments and offices for the growing church campus.

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