From the Ashes We Rise

July 21, 2017


And so it begins, the journey of a rock star, and the rebuilding of what was lost in the wall fire.


A few weeks ago, fire tore through a family home devastating the land and destroying Pastor Steve and Vicki Orsillo's home. However, the hope that the Orsillos have was far from devastated! In fact, the story of one family finding support from around the globe has gone viral.


Steve's son, Mark Orsillo, who lost his entire collection of dvds in the fire, quickly became a media sensation as his story was shared millions of times throughout multiple countries. As awareness became more prevalent, Mark began receiving movies from people all around the world to replace his collection. At first, it was only a few movies a day, then 50 a day, and then hundreds a day! Thousands of movies were donated, demonstrating to Mark and to all of us that people truly care.


What most would consider a tragedy has now become a picture of hope.


Not only has Mark and the Orsillo family been shown such kindness, but the kindness that is in their hearts has also been displayed as they raise donations to give away to others who also lost their homes.


There is a sense of hope and incredible faithfulness in being able to give away to others in their time of need. A simple story has opened doors for The Father's House Church. It has allowed us as a church family bind together to say that yes, the house is gone, but our ability to stand on solid ground hasn't been dismantled. Our ability to help, to hope and to stay strong hasn't wavered.


Donations for fire victims are being collected, and hearts and lives are being transformed all because we've chosen to see beauty, not just the ashes. From the ashes, we rise.





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