A Miracle on Fort Wayne Street!

October 2, 2017


Jesus hasn't stopped doing miracles and multiplying food - last week He did it right here in Oroville at our weekly food bank!


On September 29th, 2017, our team geared up for another Friday food give away at our food bank. "What is food bank?" you may ask. Well, in short, it is a program run by our church that helps those in need by giving away food. It's the part of the week where we come together as a team to help our neighbors, friends, and those struggling to make ends meet. Over the years, we've been able to help thousands of people this way.


On this particular week, the food supply to be given out was small. We were transitioning between suppliers, which meant that instead of getting 2000 to 3000 pounds of food per week, we were now only getting 1000 pounds, all while still aiming to feed the same amount of people. 


As a team, we had been warned that we might only be able to make 50 good boxes of food. We were told the supplies might run out but that we were to keep making boxes until there was no more to give. Not only that, but we had to warn the people waiting in line about the low supply too, just in case there wasn't anything left to give. Unfortunately, it was the last week of the month, and the line of people stretched far!


So, at 1pm, we opened the doors to our food bank, and that's when our journey began. Our goal was to feed as many people as possible, and believe for the impossible!


Everything started off well. We were loading boxes, filling them as much as we could, and giving them away. Then it started: "I'm down to the last box of potatoes", "I'm out of fruit", "Do we have any more pasta?" At this moment, one of two things can happen: the team can swing to negativity and impossibility, or they can turn to hope and possibility.


At this moment, we started to openly pray for the multiplication of food (which as it turns out many of us had already been doing under our breath). We prayed out loud that the food would grow. That even if we had a small supply of food, we would somehow be able to make 100 FULL boxes. 


As the minutes passed, we found ourselves making boxes, and making more boxes, and somehow we still had food! The next thing we knew, the finish line was ahead of us as we heard the call: "Twenty-four more boxes and then we're done!"


As we counted out the final boxes, we found that we actually had too much dairy and produce left over. We had to double the amount we gave out!


Finally, the last box left the food bank. We looked at each other and wondered if we had done it. Did we make 50 good boxes? Definitely! But what about 100? Did we make 100 FULL boxes? Maybe? Possibly?


The answer is YES! Somehow, our supplies stretched and multiplied and filled 100 boxes! Well, 102 to be exact!


This just goes to show that there is power in prayer, and when you believe, the impossible can happen - even in Oroville!













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