Inevitable Transformation

November 6, 2017



At the Father's House, transformation is inevitable! The leadership, the people, and the community foster growth for all who actively pursue the truth of Jesus. 


This week, we asked people how their time at the Father's House has changed their life. We invite you to take a look at and enjoy these first-hand responses from people in our community!



How has being at the Father's House changed your life?



"Being here has given my life purpose. It has helped heal my wrong thinking and the brokenness in my heart. I am becoming the man Jesus intended me to be and I am becoming the father my sons deserve to have. Being here means the world to me."



"Being here has challenged everything I thought I knew and believed for the better. It has grown me towards intimacy with God and with people. It has taught me more of what the faith really looks like that pleases God."



"It has changed my life because I’m finally in a community where I can learn to become a man of faith that others can count on. It is so easy to go under the radar in modern Christianity, answering to no one. But here I’ve found a place where I’m held to a higher standard and I don’t have to live a mediocre life anymore. I found hope here, and I've found that there are other men willing to sacrifice their lives for the betterment of others."



"Being at The Father's House has changed my life because it's challenged my view of what it means to be a Christian, and it's given me the tools to walk out a real Christianity. A Christianity that looks like Jesus and sounds like Jesus. No longer am I hiding in confusion and false identity. Instead, I am living out the truth of the gospels and the truth of who God says I am. The Father's House has also given me the ability to become a better man, husband and friend by providing examples for me of men and women of incredible fruit and integrity. They challenge me to follow their example so that I too may become someone who leads others around me."



"The Father’s House filled that place in my heart where I needed a sense of belonging and love. This community of people are the body of Jesus Christ and have made me whole. My heart wasn’t strong enough to beat without the love of others helping me, encouraging me, and speaking truth to me. They showed me who I was truly made to be. The Father’s House has brought me back to life."

- Lindsay


"The Father’s House has led me to embrace the family unit, which had been lost in my life journey. It helped me to trust in mankind under right leadership and it’s brought my understanding of Jesus into right perspective. I’m learning to walk out the word "love" not in a “I love french fries” way, but in a Jesus way."



"What hasn’t changed! The Father's House has changed my desire to live and the way I see life now as a gift. I have learned how to have healthy relationships and have a safe man in my life because of the way men are raised here. I get to give back to the foster care system and start projects to benefit kids. I love life today because I met Jesus here."



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