Transformation Requires Risk

November 17, 2017



Have you ever seen someone’s life completely transformed and wondered how they got there? Or have you ever heard someone’s story and looked at who they are now and thought, “How is that possible?” I know I have!


The simple fact is that around the Father’s House, people have been completely changed. They’re not who they were and they’re becoming who they’re truly meant to be. Transformation! I’m talking rock to diamond transformation. Former addicts leading recovery houses. Women who have lost their kids being reunited with their children. A once lost rockstar becoming a worship leader who is safe to follow.


Massive, marvelous, baffling yet breathtaking transformation.


Now, you would think that if you’re pursuing truth it would be impossible not to change, but that’s not the case! There’s a difference between hearing the truth and letting it change you. Change requires healthy risks, and those risks can look different from person to person.


In my life, I’m working on continuously taking risks to trust. I’m pushing myself to be open, to let people see me, and to believe the truth despite the lies I’ve learnt through my experience. I’m following godly women and men who daily point me back to the truth of who I really am.


The more that I risk by stepping out and following my leaders, the more grounded in truth I become. They lead, they show godly principles; I follow, and I find that my faith is growing as I see who God really is and who I really am because of it. I’m not the depressed, closed off, and emotionally out-of-control person I used to be. I have hope, and the ability to be real with the people around me, all because I took a chance on believing the truth of what God says about me.


It’s not just the people at the Father’s House who are transformed by risking and reaping the reward of life-changing faith. The men who followed Jesus also had similar experiences.


Take Peter for example. Before Jesus, he was a fishermen who likely spent his time doing the same thing day in and day out. He likely lived a predictable life where there was no requirement to be anything more than a fishermen.


Then Jesus steps into the picture and says, "Follow me."


At this point, there was a choice that Peter had to make. A choice that required a lot of risk. Lay his career aside? Leave his family behind? Leave the comfort of his home? All for a guy he didn’t know? All to follow someone into an unknown adventure? I can’t imagine that being easy, but Peter answered, “Yes”. A small, but risky, word that changed the course of his life.


From this point on, Peter was on a journey of trusting, risking and growing as he walked alongside Jesus. Every day he had to choose to be there. He had to let go of the “truth” his culture had taught him and adopt ultimate truth from Jesus. He had to follow Jesus while dealing with crowds. He had to follow Jesus while Pharisees questioned him. He had to board boats, ride out into the sea, survive storms, fight fear, battle guilt, break through confusion and turn back to Jesus after having denied him.


Simply following really wasn’t that simple! Peter had to take a chance that Jesus was right, before fully understanding who Jesus was. So when we see Peter in the book of Acts; full of life, passionate, determined, outspoken, wise, moving in miracles and grounded in truth, we have to realize that it was the risks he took to follow and to trust Jesus that got him there.


Pursuing truth and acting on what Jesus said transformed who Peter was.


It caused his faith to grow exponentially. Ultimately, Peter became the diamond he was destined to be.


So, what is the key to transformation in your life? Where do you need to step out and risk in order to grow in faith? What truth do you need to stand on to see change in your life? And are you ready to take a chance and fully trust Jesus?


I know I am, and I hope you are too! Because this risk-taking, faith-growing, truth-building transformation isn’t just for some; it’s for anyone and everyone who will answer the call to follow Him.


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