Give Your Life Away (G.Y.L.A)

December 15, 2017


Jesus gave us one command above all else: to love others the same way he loved us. He turned the tables on our way of thinking with his surprising secret that we gain life by giving it away.


We aim to imitate Jesus by laying our lives down for the people around us. By being willing to be selfless instead of selfish and seeing the impact this has.


This week we had the privilege of asking Derek Devine, a fantastic leader, Lord's Gym Manager, and Life Recovery Ministries Assistant Director, about this topic.


Here's what he had to say:


Define GYLA:


"Giving your life away is an action. It requires doing something and it should look like sacrifice. Giving something up knowing that something else is more important. GYLA should like sacrifice on our part."



What happens when we teach GYLA in church?


"When we teach GYLA in church, we see people putting their education on hold to come to Oroville. We see people giving up $100,000 a year jobs to come help people get free of addictions. People who have a good life in the eyes of the world give that life up to do what Jesus is asking them to do. We see people stepping into action despite what their parents might think or what the world tells them they should be doing. It’s making a huge impact!"



What does GYLA look like in your own life?


"Giving my life away looks like having a dream, and being fine with not pursuing that dream anymore. To be a drafted and recruited NFL player but giving that up knowing that someone here in Oroville, Nick, needed me more than they needed me. I place other people’s lives above my own, and I'm willing to lay my own dreams down so that other people’s lives can be changed and saved."



What's the impact of that on people's lives?


"I hold men to a standard and an expectation that helps them become husbands and fathers. I show them an example of what that looks like and the calling of that."



Why should a Christian give their life away?


"We should give our life away because Jesus gave his life away first. That's what was done for us and the impact we make on this planet should be done through other people."



What are the keys to GYLA? 


"Have accountability; trust good leaders in your life and listen to them. Do something you don't feel like doing, stretch yourself and make yourself uncomfortable for Jesus."



What’s one thing you want people to know?


"The potential of their calling and the impact they can make."



Do you know the potential of your calling and the impact you can make? Do you want to be someone who makes a positive lasting life-changing difference for others? GYLA is more than just a choice, it's a heart position of selflessness that helps each person look more and more like Jesus. And the best part? It's not just some of us that make an impact, it's all of us. We all can play a part in changing the world around us for the better. So how can you give your life away today?


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