Christmas Cheer And A Whole Lot Of Jesus

January 5, 2018

This Christmas holiday, The Father's House got to do A LOT of Christmas caroling! It has been incredible and many of us look forward to being able to do this again next year.


Here's why: it was a great outreach opportunity that blessed so many people! Also, it was fun!


We got to sing in downtown Oroville. We got to sing for local business owners. We were able to sing and be part of a Christmas party for those with disabilities. And we got to sing at a local elder care facility. 


In each of these outreaches, we were able to spread joy! We were able to help people smile! We were able to help make the Christmas season a little more bright for those we encountered!


At the local elder care facility, not only did we carol but we also handed out Christmas cards, chocolates and goodies.




One of the women named Dorothy was able to receive a card from us. Upon receiving it, her first reaction - with tears filling her eyes - was "But I have nothing to give you". With a smile, the person handing her the card explained that it was still an honor to simply be able to wish her Merry Christmas.


Dorothy, again with tears in her eyes, said "Can you pray for me? Pray for anything."


So the person prayed: "Jesus, thank you for Dorothy and that we've been able to wish her a Merry Christmas today. Jesus I ask that you would take away any loneliness. Would you be her comfort, and remind her that she's loved. Remind her that she is important and cared for. Bring joy to her this Christmas. Thank you for who she is and the heart that she carries. In Jesus' name, Amen."


At the word "comfort", Dorothy began to cry even harder.


At this point in time the nurse thought it would be a good idea to have our whole caroling group come into her room to bless her with a song.


Dorothy's song request? "O Holy Night". 


During the singing, she sang along with us under her breath. And at the end of our singing, she wiped the tears from her eyes and with a smile said "You can go now."


So we all laughed, said goodbye, and went on our way.


We know that in this situation, we got to be a light in her life. We got to spread joy and hope into her holiday through prayer, songs and smiles.


How awesome is that?!










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