The Power Of Testimony

March 19, 2018


One of the coolest and most impactful things about The Father’s House is definitely all of the different testimonies around here of how people came to know Jesus. It goes all the way from “I found Jesus because I went to prison”  to “I’ve known Jesus and served Him my whole life”. Regardless of what the testimony or background is, it’s incredibly powerful.


I’ve been thinking about the power in testimony lately. One of my absolute favorite testimonies in the Bible is Paul’s. I don’t think anybody's past could be much worse than Paul’s past. Paul's job was literally to kill Christians. Wipe them out. He hated Christians and he hated the message of Jesus. Long story short - Paul was on his way to Damascus when Jesus spoke to Him from Heaven. Paul had an encounter with Jesus, and his life completely changed. Everything was different. He went from killing Christians, to becoming one. His life was literally going one way, then he had an encounter with Jesus, and his life went in the complete opposite direction. Most of the New Testament is written by Paul. A lot of the New Testament has Paul’s story in it. You know what I think is really cool about that? In the whole New Testament, only a chapter or two talks about Paul’s past and the life he had before he knew Jesus. The majority of what Paul writes in the New Testament is all about how his life is completely changed. He did not let his past define him. He did not walk around in shame because of what he had done before knowing Jesus. No, he became a new person. He became the person God intended for him to be.


Here at The Father’s House we have a recovery program called Life Recovery Ministries. Life Recovery Ministries is a 12-month discipleship program where people that have been addicted to drugs and alcohol can come and meet Jesus and get their lives on track. We have two men's houses and one women's house. I got the honor of spending a year and a half being a House Leader for the women’s side a while ago. My favorite thing in the whole world was when we’d have someone come in that knew nothing about Jesus, and as time went on they would meet Him and their lives would radically change. I know for sure that Jesus is real, and it’s because of the transformation I saw in some of those ladies. Some of the most incredible testimonies around here have come out of those Life Recovery Ministries houses.


You are not defined by your past. When you meet Jesus and change your life, He makes you into a new person. We don’t remember Paul today as the man who killed Christians. We remember Paul as the man who wrote a huge portion of the New Testament. His words are still talked about and quoted today. That’s powerful.

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