Living Free From the Fear of Failure

June 18, 2018



Deep Questions: Who are you? What defines you? How do you operate? What’s your personality? What are you called to? What’s in your Future? Those are the “deep” questions that we seem to spend our life trying to figure out. We are always trying to or trying not to define who we are, what we are made for, what our purpose is, what we’re created to be. There are a few things that can STOP us from even coming close to answering those questions and keep us in the destructive or disappointing CYCLES in our lives.


One of those such “things” is FEAR. Fear can grip it’s tentacles into the very core of who we are, our identity and create an us that was never intended to be. Let’s think about a baby, so pure, innocent, naive and so sweet. That babe has no fear when born into this crazy world, no fear of staring into the depths of your heart, no fear in when it’s going to eat, no fear in talking to strangers, no fear in learning new things over and over, no fear in needing someone. They are born without anything to fear until they have an experience that creates in them a hurt, wound or trauma and at first they become cautious and if the event repeats itself then ultimately fear is laid as a foundation. That fear then attaches itself to the identity of the person and they will walk in that fear in different areas of life until they find freedom and healing.


Lets talk for a minute about Fear of Failure. The disaster behind fear of failure is it keeps us from accomplishing the greatness God has called us to. We are destined to impact the world, spread His love and create change. What is the best way to stop God’s plan… FEAR!

I, Lisa have a visionary heart and personality. I see all the things that could happen and dream up some pretty incredible businesses and events. I have probably had a couple hundred business ideas that really would’ve been successful. Fear of failure has always destroyed me from walking in my greatness. When I fail at an idea, I then believe I AM a failure. So, I stick to the things that I know I am REALLY good at and don’t like to go outside of that because then maybe “my world” won’t see the underlying “truth” I believe that I am a failure. That all changed about 2 years ago when I saw an interview by Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx.


Sara Blakely’s father had a philosophy on failure that set her up to be a huge success in her life. When Sara came home from school every day her father would ask her to share where she failed that day and they would celebrate that failure, seeing it as an opportunity to learn. She grew up without the label of being a failure when she failed. She grew up knowing she was a success and that failure was a part of life. Failure wasn’t attached to her identity, when she failed it wasn’t a bad thing. She has failed multiple times in business and that didn’t stop her, that didn’t cause her to quit going after what she was destined to do.


After watching the interview I realized I have spent my whole life with a wrong belief system, believing the lie that I was a failure when I failed at something in life. I never celebrated my failures. I hid them, denied them, ran from them, blamed others for them. I decided that day I no longer wanted that path in my life, I wanted to disconnect fear of failing from my identity. I wanted to get rid of FEAR in the areas of my life that hindered me from being ALL God created me to be. I wanted to stop holding myself back from being a success because of my fear of failing. I wanted to start taking risks and knowing that if I did fail it was an opportunity to learn, grow and become the truest form of myself.


I went after the reason I feared failure in the first place, I forgave the people that created my wrong belief system. I let go of the lie that I am a failure in the core of who I am. I started to speak truth over myself and made an agreement with my husband that we will raise our kids to understand that failure is an opportunity to learn and there is nothing to fear. I want to live my life taking risks, being a world changer and speaking life to those around me with love and freedom. Fear will keep me from those things if I allow it. So everyday I choose to live boldly, freely choosing that fear has no hold on me, I am chosen, loved, called and created to CHANGE THE WORLD around me, LOVE like Jesus and walk out a life that is BOLD. Let’s identify where fear holds you back and if it’s fear of being a failure, shake it off, release, let go and abandon that lie. Trade it for the truth that you were created to take risks and live a life that is full.


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