What makes you, YOU?

June 25, 2018


What makes you, YOU?

This is the question I heard from Jesus to focus on today. What really makes us, US...you, YOU, and me, ME?! And even if you think you know the answer, or know what it 'should' be, will you allow Him to reveal what really informs and directs you right now? I encourage you to take the risk and try, it could change everything!


So, what currently guides who you perceive that you are, and who are you really?!


Are you led by the world around you - media? family? culture? upbringing? traditions? bullies? job? pressures? desires? expectations? fear? 


Is it the ideal of what you'd like to believe about yourself and your life - denial? fantasy? dreaming? hope or hopelessness?


OR, is it the actual TRUTH - JESUS Himself?


We'd say / wish / hope that it was the latter :-) but is it really? And is that what we even really want?


Who sits on the throne of our life? Who tells us what to think and feel and how to act? 


Is it still a past relationship? A family trauma? A lie? A feeling? All of these things can be devastating, but once given too much power can become the guiding reigns of our thoughts, which in turn become the motivating factor in our lives.


This is serious stuff!


Will we really let Jesus be Lord?


We don't have to have it all figured out; we just have to surrender and say yes:-) It can be harder than it sounds I know! But it is possible, becomes increasingly more possible, and literally changes lives - our own and those we interact with.


Will you join me today in saying YES?! Will you get to know who Jesus really is and let His love and trustworthy truth lead you? It's the safest place to be:-)


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