Seasons of Change

August 13, 2018

Seasons of Change...



Whether we're graduating a class, changing jobs, or continuing in what we do, seasons of change often creep up on us and challenge what we really believe!


All sorts of questions can get raised. Will we be provided for? Will we know which direction to walk in? Will things turn out ok? Will we be successful (whatever that means to us)? What does it all mean anyway?.


Beneath all of the circumstances and possible stress, there is a belief system that is being challenged, grown, strengthened and healed in each one of us. What do we really believe? Who are we really? What are we doing and bringing on this earth? Who is in charge of getting us there? Will things really be ok and work together for good?


The God that we serve is so mighty! He is all-powerful and all-loving and wants us to walk out His path for us even more than we do! He can be 100% relied upon and is unwavering in who He is and who He says that we are. He wants to transform us into His likeness and calls us into His plan for this world. We actually get to be a part of it!


This same God cares intricately about every part of our lives. He knows the end from the beginning, is outside of time, and yet is with us in every moment of every day. He longs for relationship and has built us for true intimacy - an intimacy that actually looks like something and bears incredible fruit!


Will we let Him love us, love Him back, and allow this refining process to take place in order that we become who He really made us to be, doing what He really created us for?


Seasons of change can produce incredible growth! Will we let them? And will we let Him be in charge? It will be worth it! 


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