His Way is Best

October 5, 2018



I have, unfortunately, tried many times to live life my way instead of His. 


Somehow, I would convince myself that my way was better (pride) and safer (fear). Sometimes, I even genuinely believed I was going His way (ignorance), but ultimately it was my plan that was in charge (control).


As you can imagine, the fruit I produced from this way of living was not sweet to the taste.


It was when I finally surrendered and chose to keep surrendering, when I finally got to know who Jesus is a little better and discovered the protection that comes in Him, and when I finally humbled my heart to our great and mighty God, that everything started changing! The fruit was really different!


What is the evidence of the reality of Jesus being Lord in your life? What are your fears, questions or concerns with that fully happening? Do you know His real character and heart for you? Do you see what He is calling you in to and are you willing to go there?


Our degree of willingness counts for so much in all of this: He needs our YES. Stubbornness comes from fear, but the very opposite is birthed out of love. 


God is love. He is the very essence, source, definition, outpouring, reality and evidence of love. He demonstrated it most clearly on the cross of Jesus Christ, His life poured out for us...for even the chance that we might choose Him.


Will we choose Him today? Will we trust Him and truly give our life to Him for His fame? His way really is best. I've learnt it slowly and am seeing it unfold. Come join the adventure, there is nothing like it!


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