Will You Hold My Hand?

October 19, 2018


See, if you're anything like me, then you too probably also struggle to trust on some level. Whether it's a little struggle or a bigger struggle to trust, it's there. The wondering if God will provide. The wondering if God will heal. The wondering if you can trust the place He's placed you in. The wondering if He is who He says He is, and the wondering if you're able to listen to Him. Can you actually trust Him with your hand, your heart, your dreams, your hopes, your disappointments, your worries? 


We like to answer yes. We say the words with good intentions, but sometimes our actions don't match. There have been many times in my own life where in fear or worry I've tried to hold on to even more control. I've not let God have His way all while claiming He can have His way. 


In some ways, this is normal worldly thinking. When dysfunction and break down happens in our life we aim to please or to hide or to fix - working even harder to find all the pieces so we can solve the problems ahead of us. We try to take the broken pieces then tie them together with a nice bow. Make them look as good as we possibly can all in our own strength so that we know we're okay. So we know we're protected. 


But this is the complete opposite of kingdom living. In the Kingdom, we gain control of the chaos when we let go of control of it because it's in that moment that we say "I will hold your hand God. You can have your way. I trust you." He comes through. No doubt, confusion or striving. He takes the brokenness, the dysfunction, the lack of trust and He makes it into something we couldn't even imagine on our own.


When we allow ourselves to hold His hand, we come to see that He's been right there all along. We see that He comes through every time. We see that He's faithful. 


So why do we hold back in certain areas? Do we believe He's the solution to all of our needs or do we trust that He can only manage certain ones? And, if we think He can only manage certain needs but not all, and thus reach for control, are we saying that we're better or more capable than God? Are we saying 'I trust that I can but I don't trust that you can'?


Ouch! I know from this perspective there have been many moments of putting my thoughts above what's true of God. 


Thankfully, this is a journey!


So today I leave us with this, are we holding onto God's hands? Where do we need to let Him have His way? Where does He need to have His turn in our circumstances, and are we willing to let Him have that? Are we really willing to trust Him more than we have before?


I hope that our answer is a 'YES' even if we need to do it afraid.


In my life, He has come through before.

Has He come through for you too?


Let's grab hold of His hand, and find out what He's up to for this moment, the next moment and each moment after that.


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