The Power of Choice

May 3, 2019

The Power of Choice



There is so much power in choice!


We can either choose for what is right or against it; we can choose for Jesus or for the enemy; but either way, there is a choice to be made and then many more choices that come our way daily after that.


Outcome is shaped by choices, hence it is all-important and necessary for us to understand this area.


Following Jesus is a choice. The power is ‘in our hands’ in order to decide where we will place the right for power and Lordship in this relationship!


I choose Him. And with that comes His Lordship...Him in charge, not me.


Jesus so graciously does all of the supernatural stuff in our relationship together (only He can!) and it is my place to keep choosing to line up with His truth, perspective, Kingship, direction, plan, heartbeat, destiny and fame.


I get to keep choosing, moment by moment, day by day. Will I keep making Him Lord? Will I keep following Him and what He has for this world and me? Will I keep surrendering? What will I choose? What will you choose?


There is only one way, one Lord, one truth, one life. His way is the best and the only way. Will I line myself up with what He says? I get to decide!


When choice gets removed from us or damaged somehow in life, this can be an incredibly tricky area to grapple with, but the truth remains the truth: Jesus is alive, wanting relationship with us, loving us, knowing exactly who we are because He created us, He IS the very definition of truth, and is going to be glorified on this earth.


Will you align yourself with what He has to say and where He’s leading you? Will you find out what He actually says and listen to Him? One step of obedience after the next?


I want my life to be worthy of Him dying for me. I beg you to join me, but you get to decide!


Either way, He is worthy of worship and a life laid down.


I thank Jesus that we even get to have this choice; He is so kind!


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