6 PM - 8 PM

Many people do not get the privilege of going home to a comfortable warm house after a long chilly day. Through a variety of circumstances, these people find themselves on the street day in and day out. 


Soup & Socks is an outreach that works to bring some relief to those living in homelessness. You can be part of our team driving throughout the city, delivering food, and building relationships while telling people about Jesus. It's a powerful ministry and one that the city needs.

Where will we meet?

Meet the team at the church office, which is 2656 Fort Wayne St.

Is it safe to go out and do this at night?

Our team sticks together, and is made up of a mix of males and females. We all drive together, so no one is ever left behind, and we are always watching out for each other. 

We look forward to having you join us in spreading light and love to our city!